about Christmas

This day is the most celebrated day of the year and its celebrations cover the whole globe. 25th of December, the day of Christmas which is marked as the birth of Jesus Christ, is a Christian event and a public holiday in the majority of the countries. On this day, people are seeing eating food together and exchanging gifts. A mythical character named Santa Claus plays an important role in exchanging of the gifts. On this day, all days are decorated with lights and everyone has a Christmas tree in their house for decoration. These are some of the traditions that are followed on this day.

The middle of winter has always been a period of celebrations for many people around the globe. People survived harsh winter and always looked forward to its end. In the early days of Christianity, the only easter was the main day of celebration and the concept of Christmas was unknown but later in the fourth century, this way was declared as a holiday by the church even tho there is no mention Jesus Christ’s date of birth in the bible. People believe that Jesus was born in spring and the Pope who chose the date of Christmas made the effort copy the pagan festival named Saturnalia.

During the 17th century, Christmas was banned due to religious reforms in Europe but later on, Charles II was back on the thorn and the festival was restored again. Christmas is marked by feeding and helping the poor people of society. Everyone can be seen helping others and giving gifts. Here are some of the facts about Christmas.

    Every year, more than 30 million Christmas trees are sold in America alone.

About Christmas

    Christmas in roman and greek churches is celebrated 13-14 days after the 25th because of separate calendars.

    The famous Christmas song “Jingle bells were written for thanksgiving.

    The name Santa Claus comes from a saint nick who was a generous figure and a Christian Bishop.

    Celebrating Christmas used to be illegal in several places of America and people who were caught celebrating were fined almost five shillings.


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