Thursday, October 29, 2020
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breeze into unknown

Breeze into unknown

Life is beautiful and the journeys are endless. One should always take time and escape into the wild. Human life is meant to be lived and travelling is one of its most beautiful aspects. The memories built...
In today’s world, people are spending thousands of dollars on products to make themselves look younger. The craze with younger look is real, but instead of spending a huge amount on it, an easy on the pocket...
You always enjoy going out with your friends instead of your family, don't you? but the tables turn as soon as you get to know that you will be accompanied by your cousins. Suddenly, family gatherings become...
Food with a view is now a thing and it adds a lot to the value of food. It can go from a meal to a life experience if the view is breathtaking. If the food is...
From the title, you must be wondering how a cookie can fulfill your body requirements and be a balanced diet. Or how can you survive on a cookie without eating anything else? You might be late but...
This is for those citizens who have never left their state. It's for people who never left the country. This is the wrong way to live your life, and I am here to tell...

A Best heartkeeper

Looking to keep your heart functioning effectively and keeping yourself healthy. Then, looking for the right diet and the foods that will boost your heart health is essential. For most people aging means developing cardiovascular diseases that...
Why Ketogenic

Why Ketogenic ?

When someone places a burger in front of you while you have switched to a healthy diet, that person really is challenging your will. Who wants to avoid that delicious food over some healthy boring diet.
Thinking of traveling to wanderlust? Mystery brings great joys of travel. It gives us a feeling of excitement and surprise. Blindfold traveling or you may call it as ‘unknown traveling’ is only for those people who would...
Travel the world by road

Travel the world by road

Would you like to travel by plane or get behind the wheel of your car and drive to your destination by road? Traveling gives you a feeling of inner balance. People get so wrapped up in their...
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Art as a carrier

Traveling to a new place?

World Hypertension Day