Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Freckles have mixed opinions in society and as well as the fashion world. Long ago, freckles were considered not normal and there were so many makeup products to get rid of them. But now, things are changing...
Mock - up_

Mock – up

Ever tried going to the gym for fitness and left after a week or a month because you were never motivated enough? This is a very common thing that happens to a lot of people around the...
Look E - Eye

A Look – Eyes!

Eyes have their importance and it is needless to say that eyes are one of the most notable features of the face. The fashion industry is obsessed with the eyes and it is a billion-dollar industry out...
Businesses are something that demands a whole big portion fo your energy and if you are not ready to invest time, money and your energy in it, businesses are not for you. A successful business has always...

Daily Goals

Achieving your goals and sticking to them is not as easy as it seems to be. Successful people have stated that daily goals can be achieved if there is an outstanding balance amongst your priorities. 


For once in your entire life, you must have wondered about the dimples people have on their faces. They are the natural indentations on the cheeks or chin of a face and they all look adorable. They...
Have you ever thought how the formula of pressure works? Well, as far as us humans are concerned we often feel pressurized for small things. It affects our health drastically. So, what is peer pressure? 

Cupids bow

For humans looking attractive is a social need that everyone craves for. Some features make you look more desirable than others. Lips are a feature of the human body that can aggravate many emotions of attraction and...


Who does not want to be in the spotlight in between a crowd? It is our basic human nature that we want to look as appealing as we could be. Our eye catches the sight of attractive...
We are living in 2020 and the main focus for the year and beyond is a healthier and a happier lifestyle. And for this, we want you to replace your sugar needs with refined...
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