A simple colour sticks that glams the entire presentation of your face. When it comes to perfect makeup, lipstick is an essential part of it. The lipstick comes in hundreds of colours that fill lips with beauty and freshness. You can make a collection of different lipsticks still; you feel that you need to collect more. A lipstick applied well on lips, can give your face the appeal that magnifies your overall personality.

Each colour of lipstick defines your personality differently. Like, the colour red implicates prowess, passion, and love. While we are talking about lipsticks, how can we forget about the trending one, which is Simple walk /Selfie lipstick! Women found using this lipstick empowers them, according to a survey. They feel more confident, prettier, and more attractive in a natural shade of lipstick.

People seem more attracted to any woman who has applied vibrant coloured lipstick. Also, they listen to her attentively and observe what she says. If I say that lipstick is the symbol of beauty, then there is nothing wrong with this.  Lipstick is the great protector of lips in many terms. Some we have discussed earlier, and other is, lipsticks protect lips from the harmful UV-rays. Lipstick also keeps your lips hydrated. Thus it’s beneficial for the health of the lips too.

While lipstick fills you with glamour and confidence, it also acts as a mood enhancer for girls. You can change your mood from dull to wow, by using different lipsticks (sharp, bold and dramatic coloured lipsticks, and some or more natural and subdued shades).

Lipstick is the most preferred fashion product, amidst women. While makeup trends are constantly evolving from season to season and even month to month, there’s an undeniable trend that permeates each decade.

The lipstick is unquestionably one of the beauty products many people, especially women, cannot leave home without. Even if you don’t apply any other product on your face, putting on a decent shade of lipstick does miracles. Applying lipstick is similar to pampering yourself with lots of love and care!


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