Fashion is not only to impress others, but the original essence of fashion is to express you without uttering a word. You can express yourself to others by your makeup, style, and your colour preferences, and most importantly by your dressing sense.  Recognition self-hood emerges to Love yourself. Your love for your body attracts the birth of a new fashion in you! By conveying self-expression by fashion, acquires the junction of self-identity; conferring the world that you are through your fashion preferences, and using your clothes to tell the world something about yourself.  

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” – Edith Head

I positively believe in this quote. We dress every day as per our mood, and most importantly, as per the circumstances, and occasion. We invariably, try to dress in such a way that can reveal our innermost self as well as our fashion statements. We go for cool comfy outfits, sometimes for some classy outfit, and sometimes as per the dress code. Each time, we want to look different and unique. 

Fashion is not to make you more beautiful, but also to reassure and give confidence. You can surely relate this because, at some point of time, each of us realises this that fashion is to encourage us to represent ourselves in a way that we can look bold, beautiful, classy, and confident at the same time. 

A fun thing I want to share with you all, and that is- whenever I feel low or distressed, I use to dress differently as compared to every day, I try something fresh, and most importantly I prefer to wear the dress which is my favorite. By this way, my mood automatically gets boosted, and immediately I start feeling happy, and extraordinary. My logic behind this concept is- if you are not feeling well from inside, then you can make your looks good from outside, and rest will work as I discussed a few moments before. Crazy right! I know, but you can also try this because it works!


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