Every year on 18 June, Sustainable Gastronomy Day is observed across the world. Gastronomy is sometimes called the art of food. It is often referred to like local food and cuisine. Sustainability means the purpose of creating something (i.e. agriculture, using natural resources, even preparation of food) in such a way that is not wasteful and can be continued in the future without being harmful to our health or environment.

Therefore, Sustainable Gastronomy implies accountability for the production and consumption of food. Hence, back in 2016, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared 18 June as World Sustainable Gastronomy Day by adopting resolution A/RES/71/246.

Its purpose is to support gastronomy as a cultural expression linked to natural as well as cultural diversities of the world. It also reaffirms that all cultures and communities are patrons and vital enablers of sustainable development everywhere the globe. 

The day is dedicated to highlighting the necessity to shift the focus of world’s attention on the part that sustainable gastronomy can play in addition to its inter-linkages with the three dimensions of sustainable development which is in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by promoting – Conservation of biodiversity, agricultural development, nutrition, food security, and sustainable food production.


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