The boss of the Internet search Google has added new features to its Messages app. These features have been detected shortly in the past; yet, there was no clarity if Google will be rolling out or not. Now, they are officially made available to users.

Reaction to messages

Now, Android users can react to a Message – which includes text, video or photo, and much more. For this feature, they will have to long-press on that particular message and the app will show pop-up animated expressions as in – love, care, laughter and surprise, and more.

Stickers suggestions in Smart Reply

Google is expanding the Smart Reply feature to include stickers, which will be suggested along with the recommended text messages automatically if the Smart Reply suggestion is turned on by the user. Suggested Stickers are currently available in the English language.

New Photo Editor

Google is also combining the support for a media editor within the Messages app. It can be accessed directly by taking a picture from the in-app camera. Users will be able to edit (text or draw) on the image.

Voice message support

Freshly, Google has added a dedicated button to record and send a voice message via the app next to the compose bar in the form of a microphone button, which is similar to WhatsApp. Users can directly press the record button and send this recorded message.

Google Duo integration

Google has now integrated its video calling app – Google Duo – within the Messages app “to make it easier to move your conversation from texting to a video call to continue your catch up face to face.” Users can do this by tapping on the video call button at the top right corner of the app.

Credits: TOI (app)

Note: Only the heading and some sentences have changed, the rest of the article is the same as in TOI.


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