A day to celebrate the bond between friends, Friendship Day is being celebrated on August 2 in India this year. Friendship Day gets celebrated in most of the countries, worldwide. The United Nations has declared July 30 as the official International Friendship Day. However, in India, the Day is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August.

We call them Fellas, amigos, pals, buddies, friends, and sometimes we get so close to them, that we end up calling them as brothers and sisters. Every year we celebrate friendship day in many ways, like, we do get-together, parties, outings, and we also present them gifts and cards, surprises, and many more. 

This year, there is a small change in plan, as our foremost priority is to stay at home, and being safe, so, we are here with some lovely thoughts and views of some awesome people, on this beautiful bond to make your day special. Check out their response to our question- What is Friendship for you?

  • “You get mother, father, sister, and brother given by god, but the relation you choose that your heart chose is a friendship. It’s a relation between people that is beyond anything. You can laugh and can cry together. You can do crazy things together without any hesitation.” – Kajal (Principal Euro Asiatic School, Jhansi).
  • “Friendship is a bond that is close to a blood relation, but it is beyond a soul connection. It is a feeling of trust where we feel free to share our joys & sorrows, not just tease each other for fun but support each other through hardships and care, accept & love the other for the way they are. Friendship for me is an additional/extended family I have.” – Godavari (Creative Content Writer at Healthcare Ecosystem, Pune).
  • Poonam, an SSC Aspirant from MP, said, “For me, it is a bonding for which we can die. It is not necessary to make a call. It is a bond of those people who know you very well. Neither you need to explain them, nor do they have any “shikayat (issue)“. Always ready to help you in any situation. You can be happy for having many friends, but the responsibility is that you should carry this precious bond with full attention.”
  • “Friendship is a blessing, and that do not care about where you are from, what is your status, but it is a mutual understanding, it means the memories last even if you are not in contact with them your relation remains same, it is a strong bond which will never break,” says   Radhika, Software Developer, from Noida.
  • Look at this what Meenal, from Jabalpur (MP), says“Friendship means understanding, forgiveness & compatibility. A one of a kind zone where you can talk about everything and no one is going to get bored of you. You can understand them without even speaking a single word! What the other one is saying, you know it just by reading their eyes or some stupid and mysterious sings off course! That is called a true friendship in my POV.”
  • “Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other, loving each other, caring for each other & being crazy together. In short, it is one mind in two bodies”, said Kirti a Business Associate (BOB) from Bhopal 
  • And, we have another friend from Jabalpur (MP) –Divya, who says, “It is not just a bond of a best friend only, as the friendships last for longer, they become like sisters who love to tease, fight, and enjoy company, sharing and keeping secrets and many more. Friendship is another bond to which we can trust more and can expect anything from them if we have that beautiful soul, which person is lucky enough, and I am proud to say that I have those friends.”
  • “A friendship means tremendous support irrespective of the situation. Friendship means where we do not get judged, and we can be our original self. Friendship means; sharing love, pain, and happy and sad all kinds of emotions. TanusriResearch Associate (Medicine)
Kajol, Kriti, Divya, Poonam, Godavari & Tanusri

Hope you enjoyed their views and this article too. You can also share your opinion with us. And to read all the latest articles, stay tuned with us. Enjoy the Friendship Day, rejoice all the friend moments, stay home, be safe, and a Very Happy Friendship Day to all of you!


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