We all know that maintaining positive emotions is beneficial for our health and mind.I know it’s really hard time for ever citizen out there, all of us reading and watching the same news since February, and it’s all about “Corona Virus”. Start adopting positive things, if you start reading something positive it’s really work like a magic.

Each and every department try to improve our India day by day, when we are lock down in house.Yes Train coaches are turn into isolated wards. Yes Indian Railway announce that news, prototype has been converted into isolation wards. Indian Railway ready to modify 20000 coaches are self isolation wards. One coaches is expected to have 16 beds for isolation. These coaches can be send to those parts of the country where Corona patient are rapid rise.

If this idea goes well then they continue to convert 10 coaches per week as a isolation wards. So that positive people get their all treatment.They simply removed middle of the berth from one side, and convert it to a isolation wards. All this coaches converted under the expert of Indian Railway medical professionals. The coaches are fully sensitized before and after they converted into a isolation wards. The coaches which are more then 20 year old converted into a new isolation wards.

These train coaches are facilitated with patient cabins, nurse cabins, self-isolation wards for keeping those individuals showing any symptoms of Corona virus or those who need to be in a quarantine provision due to travel history.The Indian Railways workshops situated across several railway zones are manufacturing beds, stools and other such necessary equipment for adding to the quarantine facilities in the train coaches. The railway workshop and coaching depot in the South Central Railway zone has manufactured cots, face masks, coveralls and side tools.Now Indian Railways will offer clean, sanitized, and hygienic surroundings for the patients to comfortably recover. Non-air conditioned ICF coaches are also going to be ready to conversion into self isolation wards.


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