It is forever a good thing to be connected with someone who thinks positively to make this world a sounder place and works accordingly. This time, we have brought to you the story of Mrs Smita Pingle, Director and Administrator at Pingle Dentals – the Prime Dental Clinic of Pune, which gives quality dental service from the last 40 years to the people from and around Pune. 

Mrs Pingle is a B.Com, MBA by qualification and she is handling the administration of this office from past 25-30 years. Mrs Pingle, like every young girl, she got married. After her marriage, she came to Pune and then started working in Pingle Dentals with her husband Dr Pingle; who is prosthodontics, and he began his practices here.

Mrs Pingle said, “While serving through the Pingle Dentals, we have provided dental services to our patients, and at the same time we have done many social projects through Pingle Dentals; like – awareness programs for the school children about dental health awareness and at the same time we have also done projects for the specially-abled children of Baal Kalyan Santha“. She further continued, “While working in Pingle Dentals, I felt that we should go a little bit of social service, and I then get associated with a women organisation namely, Inner Wheel ”.

Inner Wheel is one of the International social service organisations for women’s; which is active in more than 104 countries across the globe. Mrs Pingle said, “We have our office in London, and we have very firmly rooted with Inner Wheel in India. I am very proud to say that Inner Wheel India is a big part of the International Inner Wheel.”

She has been associated with Inner Wheel since the past 25 years, where she, along with his husband and staff, do a lot of social services and projects for various segments of the society. Mrs Pingle, through Pingle Dental Clinic, works for the senior citizens, polio affected, blind, and school children – mainly for women and girls. 

Mrs Pingle explains that – Since our motto of Inner Wheel is Friendship and Service. We provide our services to women and girls because our tagline is – Caring for Women and Girls. Describing her journey, Mrs Pingle said, “While working in Inner Wheel, first, I joined Inner Wheel as a general member of a club, then I got elected on its district body. Afterwards, I was lucky to serve the Inner Wheel as its National President. When we serve as a national president, we have 1,300 clubs which are there all over India in almost all charitable states of India.”

Inner Wheel India welcomes women and girls of all works of life and all age groups, because in Inner Wheel, not only do they do social service, but they also make friends from all over the world, where the Inner Wheel exists globally. Mrs Pingle urges women to join Inner Wheel because; this is the platform from where all women can come along to provide their social services to the society. 

On the same, Mrs Pingle puts her thoughts – “Single-handedly we can do very little, whereas; when we collect ourselves under the umbrella of such a large organisation such as Inner Wheel, we can include many social services together”.

Being busy gives happiness to Mrs Pingle, whether it is the professional front or the social front through Inner Wheel. Here, it needs hard work and ample efforts in balancing both. As per Mrs Pingle, “At the end of the day, it feels great satisfaction that we get. It was indeed great to reach out through this magazine to the audience, and I perceive that women have an abundance of capacity. They are indeed multitaskers, and they can really fulfill their duties as a housewife, at the professional front as a working woman and at the same time to get associated with any collective body, as I talked about Inner Wheel and render their little bit towards the society.”

Hope you have enjoyed the tiny portions of the journey of Mrs Pingle. Mrs Pingle is a personality with a generous heart, and enormous willpower, who always thinks about the progress of the society, notably concerning the women and girls. 


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