Most of the people who like plants also feel a different kind of fascination towards the tiny, cute and one of a kind Bonsai (plants). Prajakta Kale is also one of us, but many steps ahead. What made Prajakta Kale ahead of anyone else in this world are her dedication, passion, patience and motherly care, and zeal to make it big and as a result of it, she is now the ‘Pride of India’.

Prajakta Kale, a famous Bonsai master from Pune, Maharashtra has been awarded a doctorate in Bonsai art by European International University (EIU) Paris, France. She got honoured in a grand felicitation ceremony held at the Westin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 29, 2020.

After the involvement of more than 35 years in Bonsai art, Prajakta Kale got selected for her finesse and mastery in the art, which has its origins in India, where it is known as, ‘Vaman Vruksha Kala’.  As said by Prajakta Kale, due to the weather conditions, there are not more than 150-200 species of trees in the rest of the world, but in India, there are more than 15,000 species of trees that can be made into Bonsai.

Therefore, to form awareness about this art, Prajakta Kale consequently has commenced a movement through, ‘Bonsai Namaste’. After that, in 2018, she had organized the world’s largest international Bonsai Convention and Exhibition in Pune, which featured thousands of magnificent Bonsai trees and was visited by more than 1.5 lakh people.

As Prajakta Kale said, “I have devoted the 35 years of my life to know the importance of this art. There is a huge demand for Bonsai trees across the world, so accordingly I decided to convert this art into a skill for everyone including the youth, women, farmers, students, and nursery owners who would want to learn the art and become self-employed”.

She further added, “We have designed a certificate course in Bonsai for students of agriculture and horticulture to learn and pursue it as a vocation. It will provide them with an opportunity to become self-employed by starting their ventures in Bonsai and contribute towards society”.

Prajakta Kale also holds a ‘Guinness World Record’ for the largest display of more than Bonsai trees counting 3,333 in Pune, and there are more than 3,500 Bonsai trees have been made by her so far. She has also earned numerous National and International awards for her contribution in this field.Source of information: Internet and Punekar News     (Website)


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