To appreciate the contributions of the doctors to individual’s lives and communities, we observe National Doctor’s Day on July 1. The date may differ from country to country depending on their recognition used to memorialise the day.

We often say that- after God, only doctors can save our lives. And if we glance at the existing condition, this proverb seems much relatable. If we haven’t recognized the importance of doctors before, we are now certainly learning how much they contribute to society, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At this time, when we are self-isolating, it is our doctors who are continuously fighting for the lives of people who got infected with the deadly coronavirus. As the days are passing, the number of coronavirus affected people is increasing, and so their responsibilities. 

They are working selflessly 24*7. Doctors are the most prominent heroes of all time. In this tough time, our doctors are showing sheer courage. They are dealing with this situation by risking their lives. 

India celebrates National Doctor’s Day on July 1 annually, in honour of the birth and death anniversary of the great physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr B.C. Chandra Roy. This day is to show gratitude to all those who are serving humanity before thinking about themselves. 

On this day, campaigns get organized all over the country with free medical check-up camps, consultation workshops, general screening test camps, and many more. For doctor’s, their patients come first. They do everything to save a person’s life. They make the world look more beautiful with their efforts. And that is the reason that they deserve to be treated with respect and honoured.

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Credits: Wikipedia


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