The solid front line warriors are- our Police! No doubt they serve the nation 24*7; but this time they are doing something extraordinary! 

Police: Maintaining the Discipline

“COP means Caretaker of People.” – Abhijit Naskar

India has been under lockdown since March 24, and since then the entire police force is on-duty to ensure that no one can break the rule. Unlike the Cleaning Workers, Security Guards, the Doctors, and the medical staff, the Police are also in a similar situation of being tested positive for coronavirus.

Many cops have already got tested positive with the virus, and there are chances for other cops to get infected because cops remain unsafely exposed to rising coronavirus infections. Furthermore, cops are guarding the containment zones, enforcing the lockdown.

Sometimes police get strict, to sustain the laws and orders so that we can live securely. It doesn’t mean that they are stone-hearted from inside too. They are just like us, with some added responsibilities in their shoulders.

Many cops are in self-quarantine, to keep their families, and other people safe. They are doing whatever they can do to manage peace while enforcing lockdown. They are even providing food to the needy, medicines to the elderly individuals, who asked for help.

The cops are showing their humble gestures by making people happy at this tough time, they are celebrating birthdays of little children in some places, and also they are helping the senior citizens by helping them in ways.

Picture from Google

When it comes to showing kindness, our cops never step back. They come forward each time; from pulling a wagon of vegetables across a bridge along with the seller to providing grass, food and water to the animals. 

Our cops are serving the nation even without proper food or rest. They eat whatever or whenever they get, the same goes with their sleep too. They are serving the country with all their hearts. Our Indian army is performing all its duties graciously.


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