In this warrior series, the other front line warriors are- our Security Guards. They are working very hard to keep us safe by maintaining the required discipline. 

Security Guards: The Front Line Warrior

At this time of COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is staying at homes, some people are standing in the front line, and we know them as Security Guards. This time of a global crisis, they are working with extra awareness. 

From, extending their duties to doing extra work; i.e. checking each person’s body temperature at the time of entry and exit and other significant steps to keep people safe. At this time of the coronavirus pandemic, security is supreme for the safety of the employees, customers, clients, and all the people in diverse regions.

Whether it is a hospital, an organization, corporate or residential building, a security guard can assist with situations when and where circumstances require security assistance. Also, the security guard can take the necessary precautionary steps.

Special COVID-19 security for Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and Urgent Care Facilities

Whenever any crisis happens, it’s apparent that people get panic, and to keep the situation in control, and bring order to overcrowded waiting rooms and other areas, the presence of a security guard is enough. 

Professional security officers are trained in crowd control and will implement necessary controls to ensure the safety and security of medical staff and patients.

Security at Retail Stores and Supermarkets

In India, right now most of the retail stores and almost all of the supermarkets are closed, but not in all places, some places fall under green zone, which means as of now these areas are free from coronavirus and safe, still they need security to maintain the safety.

Also, in red and orange zones which are at high risk, security guards are on duty to ensure that no one breaks the rules. Some of these security guards are getting infected from the COVID-19 virus; still they are not afraid of it and doing their duty towards the nation fearlessly.


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