Summer Drinks
Shreya Pandey and Aman Varma

Smude Live present an quarantine week special beverage competition on digital media. Smude Live is a positive online magazine. Yes we all know digital media is a great platform to showcase anyone talent. Beverage is one thing we always loved to drink especially in summer. Many homemade recipes are popular during this time. How you beat the heat, homemade drinks are actually work wonder for this without any doubt.

These quarantine days when people get bored because work from home, kitchen work, house work all are done by us. But with Smude Live people are actually enjoying their quarantine week. Many people from different states participate in our digital competition. We are really glad to have you all.

On 21 April 2020 Tuesday, we had our summer special beverage competition. People are really interested in this competition. Nowadays food bloggers are sharing different homemade foods on their social media platforms. We had an amazing response about this competition, food bloggers are following us and share beverage recipes.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this competition. We are really glad you guys are enjoying this competition. All recipes are unique and homemade. But we just need to choose two people who share easy and healthy homemade beverages. Shreya Pandey and Amar Varma congratulate both of you. We would like to Share your recipes in our Article next week. Stay tuned for more update. Do not forget to follow us on our social media.


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