Rupali Patil
Rupali Patil

You always wanted to know how some people are so fit? How do they maintain their body fitness? Might be they spent a good amount of money to do this type of fitness, spend 4-5 hours in the gym! Then I need to correct you here. Fitness doesn’t need to spend a much amount of money. A proper diet plan can help you to achieve your first steps for fitness.

As you know Smude Live presents a quarantine week special fitness competition. We are Smude Live, a positive online magazine that focuses on positive content regarding aspects of life. From pets to health. SMUDE’s motto is life with attitude. This magazine focuses on making this world a better place. The content we provide to you is very light and refreshing for your mind.

On 22 April we had our fitness competition. And the theme was Zumba & Yoga. We got too many Zumba videos, yoga videos in our mailbox. And I like to talk about this because it’s really amazing to see people doing things for being fit during this lock down time. When the gym and every fitness center are closed. 

We have our one participate, she is a yoga instructor, she will share a proper format for fitness lovers. I would like to share her reference post with our viewers. 

Take a quick look : 


Greeting from YOGA MATRA!!! YOGA MATRA is promoting YOGA to make people aware of their good health & soul peace.

YOGA is a Sanskrit word made by “YUJ”

“YUJ” means “To Join”

There is no single definition of Yoga so I can advise you few benefits of yoga mentioned below.

  • Increase flexibility
  • Muscle strength 
  • Improve respiration energy
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Cardio & circulatory health
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Injury recovery

Diet prescribed to Rupali Patil

Time Diet details

8:30 to 9:00 AM – (Breakfast) Poha/ Upma/ Idli Sambhar (2-3)/ Dosa (2), Dry Fruits (8-10 in total) 

11:00 AM – 1 Fruit (only apple /pomegranate)
1:00 to 2:00 PM – (Lunch) – 1 Salad, Dal (1bowl), Chapati (1), Sabji (1 bowl), Rice+Dal (1 bowl rice), Curd (1 small bowl) , 1 tsp Flax seed chutney +1 tsp Groundnut chutney
4 to 5 PM – 1 Fruit
6 :00 PM – Green Tea (without sugar ) – 1 Cup8:00 to

9:00 PM (Dinner) – 1 Salad, Dal(1bowl)/sprout(1bowl)/chilla (2), 1/2 Bhakari , Sabji (1 bowl)10:30 PM – Bedtime Milk 1 cup

Congratulations Rupali Patil. Thanks for inspiring our viewers. This is such a great guide for people who want to start their fitness journey.


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