Writing a poem is about observing the world around you. If you are a writer you can write your poem about anything, it can be romantic,current affairs, nature, love, friendship or you can write for someone special also. As a writer, pen and words are my only power.Writers are playing with different creative thoughts in their mind. Technology can be updated but no one can take a writer’s place ever.

On 29th April 2020 Wednesday Smude Live managed a Poetry competition on a digital platform. You all know Smude Live arranges digital quarantine week completions for various topics. We know you guys are getting bored during this lockdown time, going outside is not safe, staying home is boring. That’s why we arranged a poetry competition for all writers out there.

Let’s come on directly to our poetry competition. Many poetry lovers and writers are showing their interest in this competition. We are just trying to bring a smile to people’s faces during this quarantine week. Writers have started following our social media page, sharing stories with their written poetry.We really enjoy this poetry competition

Surprisingly we received innumerable poetrys via email & WhatsApp .It’s really hard to choose winners for this competition but we need to do it.If you participate and do not win this time, we are requesting you to please don’t feel bad, Smude Live comes with some interesting Content for all of you every weekend. Also if you write regularly we can publish your poetry in our daily new article. So don’t be upset.

Durgesh Vivek Nisal and Avinash Jaiswal

Here are our two winners for poetry competition Durgesh Vivek Nisal and Avinash Jaiswal. Many congratulations, hope you and your loving pet enjoy this competition. Thank you.


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