Stephanie Herve
Stephanie Herve. Picture from her facebook page

Stephanie Herve, who is a music therapist and a resident of Bordeaux, France; is now known to us because of her noble work to help the stranded and needy, she is a regular tourist at the ‘Casa Mia Homestay’ in Fort Kochi, Kerala.

“You know how they say it in French, ‘C’est La Vie’, which means ‘Such is Life’ and that is- exactly everything I live through. No one has control over how life can turn out, but we all have command over how we answer it. And now’s the moment to react, respond, and come together as humanity”, said Stephanie.

Like so many people, Stephanie also got stuck in Kochi, as the nation went into complete lockdown. She could have returned to France, as the French Consulate offered to help her return (to France), but she preferred to stay back and to raise funds so that she can provide food kits to the underprivileged families.

Stephanie is a musician, and often goes live on her Facebook page, so this time she did the same but with a different motto. She has raised about Rs 6 Lakh funds and provided grocery kits which include rice, pulses and other necessary items to more than 1,350 families.

According to Usha Antony, owner of Casa Mia Homestay, Fort Kochi, “We had Stephanie stay with us around two years back. Even back then, she had made a huge contribution in helping underprivileged children across India.”

Association Gabriel is an NGO based in France, and its founder is Stephanie (44), the NGO provides food and shelter in Vietnam and India. Which means the philanthropist is very active in social work.

Initially, Stephanie began funding to the Veli Kitchen community which is in association with Kudumbashree, and panchayat members, later she along with the Antony family, decided to provide grocery kits to the needy and stranded ones. 

“She started singing sessions with my son to collect money for the initiative,” said Usha Antony. From Carnatic to French, English, sometimes Malayalam, Stephanie’s songs are gaining popularity, and people are coming forward to support after knowing Stephanie’s purpose for doing so.

Stephanie Herve. Picture from her Facebook page

Usha’s son, Thomas Antony is fluent in French, and guiding Stephanie from the very beginning, and he also accompanies her in her live sessions. Though Stephanie is not a citizen of India, she believes in humanity. We appreciate her and all the people like her, who are coming forward in this tough time.

To know more about Stephanie, you can visit her Facebook page:

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