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In the warrior series, succeeding is the supply-chain warriors- They are the Farmers, Shopkeepers, and people who are transporting the essential things to us in this tough time of national lockdown.

The Shopkeepers |Farmers | Vegetable Vendors

After the announcement of the national lockdown, everyone was concerned about arranging the daily essentials. As all the shops, supermarkets, and fruit/ vegetable shops are closed amid lockdown, so it was quite sure that there would be a shortage of such things.

People were terrified of the thought that they won’t get the food, and will die of starvation. But, as per the government’s directions, some of the supermarkets remain opened and deliver the essentials at people’s doorsteps. They are still doing it, as the lockdown is in continuation.

There are cases noticed that the delivery persons are getting infected from the COVID-19 virus, still, the suppliers are serving us, but with more precautions. They sanitize the items before taking it for delivery, and also the delivery person uses face masks and hand gloves, sanitizes his hands before delivering the product.

Similarly, medical shops are open 24*7. In this time of COVID-19 virus pandemic, people need hand sanitizers, face masks, so medical shopkeepers are providing these essentials too. 

The farmers are selling vegetables and the items of ration in the same or lesser prices. Also, they are too supplying the green veggies directly to the cities. They too can get affected still; they are working hard on their farms to provide us with food.

At some areas where the risk is low or the places that fall under the green zone, some local shops are open as per the government’s permissions. They are making sure that customers should maintain social distance, they are using safety precautions- wearing gloves and masks, and using hand sanitizers. 

Some shopkeepers are using a token system for customers, where the customer comes to purchase things when his / her turn comes. Yet some shopkeepers are way ahead of this, by providing home deliveries to its customers. 

Everyone is putting all their efforts, to maintain the discipline, also at some places, people are making face masks on their own, to help others in this fight with corona.


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