Dreams don’t rely on a person’s age, and Vinusha MK is a perfect example of it. This little yet ambitious girl is from Chennai and studies at Amrita Vidalayam in fifth grade. 

She finishes her homework as soon as she can, then entering into the kitchen was a part of Vinusha’s routine from the past two years. Vinusha’s mother says that if you want to make her happy, and only give her some butter, flour, and cocoa sprinkles, she will start making her favourite cupcakes. Vinusha says, “During the coronavirus-induced lockdown, I have done several Facebook Live sessions, which were cherished by the people. It all happened because I have followed my hobby with all my heart and soul.”

She has also featured on an FB live on actor Kamal Hassan’s FB page, Miam. Vinusha further says, “Even I didn’t know that baking a chocolate cake for my mother’s birthday will be the beginning of the path to start my own brand. I started baking a cake for fun by watching videos on YouTube. After that, I have attended a few workshops. Today, I have my own cupcake brand ‘Four Seasons Pastry’, and I am only 10-years old.”

I enjoy my childhood

Vinusha was very excited about working in the kitchen, and her parents helped her and always encouraged her to continue her hobby. “I used to watch my mother cooking like- how she makes the salad, burger and then I took steps towards baking. Now I am confident about running my brand. Also, I enjoy my childhood. I have been told that everything takes time to ripen, just like baking. So, I am ready for this.”

My age is not a problem

Talking about her young age, Vinusha says that, “My age is not a problem to pursue my hobby. I have started baking at a very young age, and it might be possible that I will continue it in the future. Baking is precious to me. I used to sell cupcakes for birthday parties from social media platforms. My dream is to open a Baking Institute so that whoever wants to choose baking as their career won’t rely on foreign countries, and they can learn the desired skills from right here.”

 Last but not least

“In August 2019, I launched my brand. In-between I have also done internships from a five-star hotel and café. I have prepared a baking kit along with all ingredients. I think it is easy to continue your hobby, you get new ideas every time, the only thing you need to do is to focus on these ideas,” said Vinusha.


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