We celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, every year. It is a worldwide celebration to spread mindfulness to uncover more adequate methods to promote and preserve biodiversity for a sturdy and operative ecosystem.

A healthy environment is a basis for a stable and productive society. This day also assures the welfare of the present as well as future ages. So, it is compulsory to safeguard our environment from numerous fertilizations like deforestation, illicit wildlife trade, pollution, using plastics, chemicals, and many more.

Mother earth has equipped us with all the primary necessities to live like air, water, soil, minerals, trees, animals, food, and so on. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep nature clean and healthy. There are various factors like industrial development, and other factors are also accountable for the depletion of Mother Nature.

The world is one, and we are somehow linked together with it, so whatever we do; it affects our globe. That’s why it is us who needs to come together to support nature. We should not exploit it. Conservation of Mother Nature is wise utilization and management of natural resources. As we already know that due to imbalance in natural resources, we are facing serious issues like global warming, various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature, improper rainfall, and many more.

We all need to come along and raise awareness among people all over the globe to understand the significance of saving resources, recycle it, preserve it, and also the consequences of damaging it.

There are many ways to safeguard the environment, some of them are: plant more and more trees, save electricity and water, reduce the use of plastic and try other options for plastic instead, grow vegetables, you can adapt the walking culture for short distances, keep your surroundings clean and safe, and so on. There are various ways in which you can participate to keep our environment healthy and safe for the present and future generations.

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