Before 2018, the National Nutrition Week was celebrated annually from September 1 to September 7. Now, India celebrates September month as National Nutrition Month or Poshan Month every year. The reason behind this observance is to combat Malnutrition and accomplish the government’s nutrition goals by diligently partaking in Poshan Month movements. 

To win the battle against Malnutrition, you can take part in the Poshan Abhiyan. It is a countrywide movement to make people aware of the impacts of taking a healthy and complete or balanced diet. Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to connect with this movement and contribute to spread awareness among people. 

The motto of the government behind launching Poshan Month is to improve the nutritional status of people of all ages. Balanced food is essential for all of us, and is more crucial for newborn babies, adolescent girls, pregnant women, and lactating mothers, as these are the foundation of our future. So, under this Poshan Abhiyan campaign, nutrition is now available for everyone with the help of modern science. According to PM Modi, the vision is to achieve ‘kuposhan mukt Bharat’ (malnutrition-free India) by 2022.

National Nutrition Week

In NDF, we are also doing the same by blending science and nature. We make products that are highly nutritious and made for everyone. A five-year-old kid to a senior citizen, everyone can consume these products. We have made these products by keeping this in mind to provide people a balanced food item that is also free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, food coloring, and so many toxins.

Health is always in our hands. It’s our carelessness that destroy our beautiful health and then we complain. Well not any more as NDF is always there to help you to make healthy lifestyle easy. NDF through our scientific based approach towards the food design recipes which shall take care of your whole family as we strongly believe “FOOD IS FUEL”. Make Effortless, Eat Guilt Free Recipes with NDF.


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