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How ironic it is that I have a chocolate in my hand while I’m writing this article. But my advice is that you shouldn’t have one while reading it, that is if you want to loose those extra inches and get in shape. A chocolate has about 540 calories and that’s the last thing you want to eat to get rid of that extra fat.

We all want to see that perfect figure in the mirror and even a few inches can create a major hindrance in that. But don’t worry, there’s a very easy and basic way to come out inches free. All it requires is a bit of consistency for a while, at least till those stubborn inches go away.

First and foremost the best way to loosen the fat is to “stick to water.” No matter how much the urge, say no to all sorts of soft and fizzy drinks. One soft drink contains enough calories to take that fat towards permanency. Making it a habit to drink water no matter what will help you control the sugar count in your diet.

Loose those inches with basic tips

Other than that another great step is to eat when you’re hungry. It’s amazing to see how often people eat out of boredom, because they feel nervous, it’s their habit or just because they’re frustrated. This is happening so much that most of us have forgotten what hunger actually feels like. If you’re itching for a specific food then it’s most probably craving or desire and not hunger. If on the other hand you can eat whatever is in front of you, then you’re truly hungry. The best way is to stop and ask yourself if you’re hungry before picking something up to eat. That way you’ll only eat when you’re hungry and thus get rid of the extra calories your body retains helping you to loose those inches.

Keeping that one favourite dress that you can’t wear because of the inches you’ve gained right there in front of you is bound to make you follow your diet plan and walk regime religiously.

So the next time wait for your stomach to rumble before you eat and say no to a fizzy drink in front of you, and you’ll see those inches start disappearing very soon.


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