In every phase of life, almost everyone needs someone who can support them, and push them towards their goals. Be the support system for others, and this is commendable, not only for today’s lifestyle, but it is from ancient times. People become each other’s support system. 

It is proven in different researches that having a support system are incredibly beneficial for overall growth. A support system has so many positive impacts on someone’s life like- development of higher levels of well-being, longer and healthier life, and better confronting skills. 

The knowledge of having a support system fills people with joy, satisfaction. It encourages people to lead a happy and successful life. One can have much kind of support system(s), starting from the family.

Yes! A family support system is a kind of extra nourishment for anyone. For example it can be identified as parent-to-parent, parent-to-child, and sibling-to-sibling connections etc. It acts like if the roots are strong then the tree must grow stronger.

A friend or a person, whom one can rely, is also that person’s support system. If you know a person, who needs your help, care, and support, then you can be that person’s support system.

Now it’s time to think about what kind of support system you are, and how can you help someone as their support system? This time the answer is in the question. Yes, it entirely depends on that person and the situation that what kind of support system a person wants. It can be personal, professional, or intellectual. It is not necessary for you to have a degree, a million-dollar property, or something extraordinary to become one.

Be the support system

You can be like a guardian angel in someone’s life, and that too without having wings! You can save someone from numerous situations just by guiding, and supporting them in the right way. Be that support system for others that you always wanted for yourself. In this way you will feel great joy. People are meant to be together, to share bonds. And most importantly, be your own support system first!


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