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What is life without pets? Here I am writing this with my cat sleeping beside me. Honestly, getting myself a cat was one of the best decisions I have ever made. But how did I know that I was ready to adopt one? Let’s find out.

Being a college student, I live alone and sometimes it gets really bad. Being away from home and missing my parents, I really needed someone but I was not ready for a relationship as these things are so emotionally stressing. Then, a friend of mine suggested me to get a pet and hence I got a cat as I love these fluffy creatures. Things I have learned by keeping a pet and these things must be known to every person who is planning to get a pet.

With a pet, it feels like you are living with a newborn baby. Pets require as much as care as babies do. Although there are some pets that do not require much attention they are boring. Keeping a pet comes with responsibility and make sure you are ready for it.

Adopting an animal is a big step. Another thing to notice is the life span of a pet and you shoulder consider your future. For example, a dog lives for 10-13 years, so before getting yourself a dog, you should be asking where do you see yourself after all these years? Will you be there for your pet?

Are you ready to adopt the pet?

Along with all this, keeping a pet comes with an emotional bond and attachment. I have seen people crying so much after the death of your pets and I know I am gonna be one of these persons too. So if you can handle the loss of a pet, you are good to go as they are living beings and death is inevitable.

One last thing is to know about the allergies. If you are allergic to them or any of your family members or your future family member, things can get rough. Then you will have to put your pet for adoption which is also a painful thing.


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