Home Improvement shopping under Rs. 5000/-

Got your hands on some extra cash ?  Don’t want to spend it on food or clubbing? You are at the right place now. You can do a lot with Rs. 5000/- if spent wisely. Your home can be easily improved and it would make a difference. So let’s get started….!

Here are tips for home improvement stuff!


The first thing to start with is the bathroom. If you want something new for the bathroom, I would recommend you buy a soap dispenser. This will remove the need for soap and the sink will look more organized. Invest in a new bathroom set which will cost you around Rs. 1000/- for a good and refreshing change. Also, replace the old towels if you feel like. Upgrade the shower nozzles for something new.


We all have electrical appliances at our homes but they do not look pleasing so to make them more aesthetically pleasing, you have the option to buy the covers for it. You can find covers for any appliances you want and they are pretty cheap. TV, fridge, washing machines, etc, they all require these covers.

Home Improvement shopping under Rs. 5000/-


With this, you can buy storage boxes for the storage stuff. They now come in many shapes and sizes with economical prices. For laundry, get laundry bags. One thing you should consider buying is clothes drying stand. The clothes put on a wall look awful and ugly. These drying stands are easy to find and you can dry your clothes with a style.


Another area where you can easily improve is the cleaning set. We all see people still using old and traditional techniques for cleaning the house. But with a little money, you can buy the complete cleaning set for your house that can clean bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, nearly everything.


If you have a garden in your house, buy a watering kit for the plants. You can also get a cool sprinkler which can act as an upgrade for the garden. Your flowers could use some new pots but get the plastic ones as they are stylish and easy to clean.


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