Is it likely to be in love, without being in love? Is a tricky question, right? Interestingly- songs can make you feel that. Songs, which fall under the romantic category, have the power, and magic to make someone feel like they are in love. We people like the feeling of being understood, as well as knowing that someone else feels the same way as we do. Hence, when we are in love or are happy about something, it will have an impact on our music choices. We like listening or humming this sort of song, because we like it when someone validates our feelings, or speaks our mind, either in the lyrics or/and in the sound/rhythm of the song. Listening to such songs reminds us why we are happy, and we start feeling more amusing than we already are. 

Romantic songs have many impacts on our lives and have special memories, and emotions attached to nearly every song, we had listened to a lot during our lifetime. Music can create your world without anyone interfering. Listening to your favourite genre song every day can somehow actually shape your persona. So, create a playlist, including songs you only hearken to, when you are feeling genuinely pleasant, and induced about something, and continue listening to the number, when you sense this way, sooner when you are feeling amusing. 

So, what are you waiting for, have a date with romantic songs! Feel its magic around you. The cosmos is full of love, and so does the music. It is quite apparent that we treat others the way we feel for ourselves. Hearkening to romantic songs makes you feel wanted, beautiful, loved, and worthy, and this makes you consider the equivalent for others. The deeper you feel loved, the more lovable you become, and you can be more empathetic, generous, and lively. Your selection of romantic songs depends on your real self, and it could be slow romantic, intense, and of a mid-range romantic song. We can judge anyone by observing their choice of songs/ playlists.


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