how to launch your band

I am writing this blog for young aspiring artists like me who plan to launch their own band in the future. Its the dream of every musician to have a band recognized by the masses but one thing you must know is that all this comes with hard work, time and a lot of patience. With so much competition, there are things you might want to consider if you are launching a band.

    Decide your sound: Before launching a band, know your sound. The more you know about your music, the better it is as it will later become your identity. You can experiment with different genres at first but after finalizing one, stick to it.

    Pick a strong band name: The band name is your identity and it will be associated with your forever. And once chosen, you can not go back. So be creative and unique with it. Make sure it is different and holds weight to it.

    Create a band agreement: This has to be the most important thing before making a band. Create the agreement and make sure all band members approve it. Most of the band breakups are due to a weak agreement. So you will have to collectively decide for the future of the band.

How to launch your band?

    Write your first songs: Some bands launch their first tracks and they are a massive hit. The reason behind this that they give their best. As it is said that the first impression is the last impression, so make sure you put the most effort into making and releasing these songs.

    Make online presence  You have to market yourself as no one will come and start looking for your music. Thousands of bands are created every day and we do not listen to the majority of them as they are badly marketed.

    Get your first gig: You are new and no one knows you so how are you going to get your first gig? It is simple, start local and small. Play at your city in a local bar or any event. Start and see the growth of the band yourself.


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