Music genre

Music is said to be the universal language that can connect everyone. It comes with a huge variety just like our speaking languages, each having their own features. The music is vast and one can explore it for as much time he wants to and still will have a large part of it unexplored. Music is subdivided into genres that make the browsing and exploring of music relatively simpler and easier. Music genres are the categories that divide the music on different features. They can be related to history, art, religion or whatnot. Simply put, you can get different flavors of music through the genres. Things look a lot organized and you know what you want. There are things that are common between some of the genres due to which they can overlap to a large extent but their own feature will also be there. That is all for the general outlook of the music genres, let us dig deeper and talk about some of them. I will be listing favorite music genres of all time

 People have different ways of listening to music. Somes only listen to a specific genre but for me, things usually work on the mood. I have a vast playlist and they mostly have the songs belonging to the following genres.

●     EDM: The acronym for this word is electronic dance music and it is very self-explanatory. For a party animal like me, this genre is perfect for having fun at the parties. DJ makes electronic music by adding beats and different sound effects.

●     Rock music: This has to be my favorite genre of music. The music is loud and strong mainly aimed at the youths. We all love rock music. This music is mostly based on string instruments.

Music genre

●     Country music: The origin is American and gives the perfect American vibes. Music is produced with simple instruments and it gives a lighter feel to the listener.

●     Pop music: The word originated from popular and it can further hold a variety of music. The trending music which is loved by the majority of the world comes under this genre.


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