Nowadays people like the unplugged versions of a song more than the original one. Weird right? Well there are many singers that release the unplugged versions of their songs along with the original one. It is mostly common in Bollywood and Pakistani songs.

If you’re not sure what unplugged songs are, then don’t worry. Unplugged basically means that you are unplugging/removing the instrument from its amplifier or pick-up or any electrical device.

For example, an acoustic guitar can be played with or without any pick-ups (electrical setup used to carry the guitar’s sound to amplifiers). When it’s played without pickup it’s called unplugged. Your instrument is getting played without any modification, it sounds like what it was “actually” supposed to sound like.

Acoustic guitars and likes are played in unplugged session, like in MTV unplugged, over other guitars because an acoustic guitar is audible to a greater distance than say electrical guitars (without pickups or amplifier).

Unplugged session highlights the ability of the vocalist, the beauty and depth of the lyrics and last but not the least the ability of the instrument player. This is why they are more famous among people. It is basically a slower and more romantic version of the song.

Similarly, if we talk about Hollywood; songs nowadays are being over produced, with the use of computers, synthesizers and Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). The use of Auto tune, sound layering and other effects really kills the originality of the songs. This might sound good to some people, but for an old-fashioned person like myself, I really focus on the actual musicality and lyrics of the song rather than the new electronic beats. These electronic beats sound good in some cases like in Dubstep songs or Trance music, but artists nowadays try to fit it in every song.

Unplugged Music is the most plugged trend

Most people still prefer the unplugged music, which is why it is becoming a trend. A common example of such artist would be of Ed Sheeran. He has been one of the most trending artists in the past few years, basically because of his pure talent in producing unplugged music. His concerts are really entertaining and the crowd loves him because of his unplugged music. Other artists that became a viral music sensation due to this are Rebecca Black, Adele and maroon 5 etc.


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