My Attitude is p - peacocking (Dressing for attention)

Ever heard of the Peacock effect? While there are multiple ways of gaining someone’s attention, your outlook is the most important. The peacock shows off its lively and colorful feathers to attract the attention of its audience; hence it’s called the peacock effect.

Most of the people go through all the hassle of dressing up and looking dapper for attention. Half of the people that claim to dress up for self-satisfaction are bluffing. You should work on your appearance; it describes a person. Would you not care about your dressing or how you look in front of someone you like?

It is perfectly fine to dress up for attention. It boosts the self-confidence of a person which can be seen in their overall attitude. It’s okay to stand out from the crowd; wearing something vibrant and eye-catching. We recommend that the dressing should be a little different from the ordinary but not too much that it starts looking weird. The fashion industry changes very rapidly so make sure to stay updated and don’t be afraid to try new things!

My Attitude is p - peacocking  (Dressing for attention)

Your dressing not only includes your clothes but your overall outlook; shoes, glasses, accessories like watch hand bands etc. It’s important to understand that going a step above the ordinary is the key to attracting attention. It’s not so hard to find your look and look sharp, it only requires a little time and dedication. Once you develop a good fashion sense you would easily rock any outfit you choose.

It’s not that difficult to look good in a suit. It’s almost the same and everyone can rock it because the suit compliments itself. The main task is mixing up the casual clothes with accessories to match the overall appearance. It is a really difficult task to get the right color combination. The main trick to this is to look-up dressing sense of some of the popular celebrities and develop the same taste. Be sure to keep it simple and follow your gut. Go with the trend and don’t be afraid to add a little touch of your own.


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