Let’s suppose you are in the middle of your way, walking on the road, and suddenly it starts raining, there is no shelter, no umbrella, now what will you do next? To be honest, I will start dancing in the rain, because, for me, it is the best way to face the rain. The same thing goes with life and the hurdles that occur unexpectedly. Here, the road is life, rain is the hurdles, and you; could be anyone!

Sometimes the hurdles are small as a slight rainfall, and sometimes the challenges are big like a stormy rain. Now, it’s all up to you how you will act upon it? Of course, you react as per the circumstances. You can handle every situation with a positive attitude. Yes, this is the fundamental factor that keeps us motivated at tough times. It encourages us, pushes us towards our goals, no matter what the situation is. This positive attitude, and the zeal to live fearlessly, makes us more potent every day. This is the main reason why we always go forward, even after these obstacles try to pull us back.

Life is all about ups and downs, while we dance, we move our feet up and down, quite similar though! You can transform yourself in such a way, that nothing and no one can break you. If something appears in your way, instead of weeping in the corner, expecting someone to rescue you, you can become your guardian.

Having the guts to endure any trial is the best gift you can present to yourself. As they say, nothing is permanent. The same condition goes for our hardships and obstacles. So why to worry? Smile and enjoy instead, as you enjoy the rain. Try to focus on, what is necessary instead of what is tough, try to smile when in stress, and most importantly, dance even when it rains!

Life is not only about surviving somehow, yet it is also a beautiful gift to you from mother nature (and from God off-course!), cherish it, and accept it the way it is, dance on your tunes, feel the pearl-like droplets of rainwater that are nothing but the moments of happiness.


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