We admire the crisp breeze, the dark cloudy sky, and the rain. After the superheated summer, the much-awaited monsoon comes. Well, the rainy season never comes alone; for instance, it comes with lots and lots of water and greenery, as well as infections, and other health concerns due to moisture in the weather. So, here we are discussing some most essential health precautions for the monsoon season.

  • Eat and drink healthy

To keep stomach infections at bay; it is vital to take a healthy diet and drink healthy. Avoid eating street food, uncooked food, and junk food; drink boiled water to avoid infections during monsoon.

  • Use mosquito nets and repellents

Malaria and mosquito originated diseases are common during the rainy season. Since it gets spread by female Anopheles mosquito, it is advisable to use mosquito net or repellent. Also, keep the surrounding free from stagnant water as in empty the garden pots, old containers, as it is the breeding point for mosquitoes.

  • Avoid dirty water contact

Try your best to shun dirty water also while walking on streets during the rainy season, as it is rife with infection causing viruses and bacteria. If your feet get wet, change your socks and footwear. Also, keep an additional pair of footwear, socks, and clothes at your workplace.

  • Avoid wet walls

Wet areas especially, walls are the breeding territory for fungus, and it can cause allergies, and trigger asthma if you are asthmatic. Be careful and avoid going near wet walls.

  • Take a bath after reaching home

To protect yourself from infections, take a bath when you reach home in the evening. You can use warm water and an antiseptic lotion for bathing. To eradicate germs, wash your hands and feet as soon as you reach your office. You can take vitamin C supplement to improve your immunity.Moreover, unlike every year, currently, we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic since the very beginning of the year. That’s why we need to be extra cautious during this monsoon period. Take all precautions like- wash/sanitize your hands frequently, avoid going out unnecessarily, maintain social distance, wear a mask, avoid touching your face and mask, take extra care of the older people and small kids, avoid public transports, and so on. Exercise and take little more care of your immune system, as a rock-solid immune system can help you from this deadly virus. You can opt for natural ingredients like turmeric (Haldi), Basil (Tulsi) leaves, and many more from your kitchen and home garden. Stay safe and enjoy the monsoon. Hope for the best!


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