I am a very firm believer in attitude is everything. Looks are nothing if you suck with your attitude and your vibes. In the modern age, people are spending thousands on cosmetics and they are not giving an attitude check. Having an attitude that is positive and bright is liked by all and makes you different in the crowd. And it is best to own what you are. People today are not much real on social media and also in the real-life as they are busy pretending someone they are not. And obviously that comes when you are not happy with yourself or with what you have. Humans get tired of everything and they always want more. They desire the things that are out of their limits and to get those things, they will go to any extent they want.

My Attitude  - Get it Girl

But the best way of life is staying happy with yourself and with what you have. But this does not mean that you should stop working hard for your dreams. Continue to do that along with the gratitude. This attitude is different and rarely seen in people which is why people with such an attitude can be recognized instantly. Own yourself and everything you have. If anyone tries to bring you down, just smile and move on. Make sure you are free of all the grudges you have. People will try to bring you down and it is natural. They want to kill your vibe but do not let them. Listen to your heart and do what you feel right. Always be true to yourself and if you are stuck in a difficult situation, choose the way that will cause minimal damage. If all of this is put together, people will love you more than ever. They will see that you care about them and you are aware of your actions. You mean no harm and this will make them feel comfortable and safe around you. But one thing you must remember that always stand up for yourself, be badass but in a positive way.


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