Smile and world is yours

This life is limited and there is no way we should be spending it sad. The only vibe that is the best for us and the others should be positive. Can you really think world can function if all the good and the positivity dies? I don’t think so. It is often said that you are what you feel. So, your vibe really defines you. But the question is, how can we do that? It is so simple, just simple!

Smile and world is yours

             Yes, it is this easy. A smile can save you a lot that you can’t even image. Moreover, it is not about you, it is about others as well. A smiling person gives a secure and a kind feeling. People are often attracted to such people and their company is enjoyed by all. In this world of pessimism and negativity, people seek something positive. A smile is the most positive thing to exist. Not only it boosts your confidence, but the others around you as well. The universe and the nature tells us about the importance of smile. Do you know we don’t learn to smile; it comes with us when we are born. It is the universal sign of happiness and positivity.

             If you want to be popular, smile. If you want to be kind, smile. If you want to make others feel happy and better, just smile. You can try smiling at strangers and see their reaction. It brightens up their face. In a busy world like today, we do not have time for others so that factor of spreading positivity is dying. Smiling can make you look attractive and it is said that the employees who are often seen happy and smiling in the workplace have higher chances of getting promoted. It is so true that a smile can get you the world. Even if you do not feel like smiling, just fake it! It can get you in a better mood. The best thing about smile, it is free and there is nothing to lose. You only get stuff with smiling. So start smiling from today!


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