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It is said that, “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime, when you figure out which it is, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

All sorts of friendships, relationships, even workplace acquaintances come to an end. This is how nature has designed our lives to be from the beginning. Since the natural circle of life is synonymous to constant change people come and go in our lives all the time. We come across thousands of people. Some become friends, some become very important to you, others remain mere acquaintances. Those that come in our lives for a reason come to help us through some difficult time or to provide some guidance emotionally or physically. Those that come for a season make us learn something. Those that come for a lifetime are the ones that become special to us. They all count in one way or another. But there are some people who leave a deep impact on your life. There are certain people who give you meaning of life itself. A Lifetime relationship with that special someone teaches us lifetime lessons. This special person could be anyone; a mother, father, grandparents, sister, husband or wife etc. That special person holds a special place in our life and knowingly or unknowingly we make them the center of our world. If someone is special for us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re special for them. Therefore it is said that when you do something for someone, do it from your heart because you want to, not because you expect those same efforts in return from them.

Someone special in your life

E.g. a mother loves her child unconditionally since the day that they were born. Without having any expectations from the little one. A husband may adore his wife to all of his capabilities but she may not return the same affection. Someone being the center of our universe also holds the power to mold us according to their needs and desires.

“Someone special” doesn’t restrict to one individual only. We encounter different phases in our life i.e. childhood, teenage life, adulthood etc. And for all the different phases, a person can have a different go to person. In childhood, our special someone might be our parents. In teenage we may confide in our friends rather than family and when it comes to adulthood, one might start getting opening up to their spouses etc.

Everybody in our life has a purpose, some might teach us good lessons and some might crush our hearts to pieces but having someone to rely on can be a very comfortable experience.


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