Bike riding is so much fun, and Safety is the main concern when it comes to riding a bike. And, helmets are very important for safety. Also, most of the traffic rules depend on wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet also saves you from paying a fine. 

So, here we came up with the top 5 amazing Smart Bike Helmets and accessories, that you can buy under 10k in India.  

  1. Break Free

The attempt of applying brakes while riding on high speed can be quite risky for your safety and also for the person behind you too. Also, the backlight of most of the bikes is not that bright, which is another concern while riding in the dark/night time.

To avoid such danger you can use this tiny gadget with your old or new helmet. It has a High-Intensity Red LED light that turns ‘ON’ when you apply the brake. You do not need to connect it with your smartphone or any other device.

It turns ‘ON’ automatically after recognising high speed. Plus it doesn’t need any battery to be mounted, because you can charge it just like your smartphone. The charging time is 2 hours, after that, you can use it for 8 hours non-stop, once charged fully.

  1. Cross Helmet

Several helmets available in the market, however, it is the smartest helmet amongst all. Amazing features of this helmet are: the installation of a full HD camera on the rear side of this headgear gives you 360-degree vision.

Also, there’s a tiny screen in the front side of the helmet; in which you can see the rear view without turning back. The navigation system is also available on this screen; you only need to set the path of your destination on your smartphone.

A tiny speaker is present on this headgear, so you can enjoy music anytime while riding, plus there’s noise cancellation microphone available which lets you talk over a phone call with ease. The main feature of this helmet is that- it supports ‘touch-gesture’ making it easy to operate.

  1. Wipey Pro Helmet

The tiny raindrops look astonishing, but when they get stuck on the visor of the helmet, then it becomes very uncomfortable for the rider to concentrate, due to low visibility issues. Riding bikes in heavy rain is both challenging plus annoying for the rider. To handle this situation, we can use this Wipey Pro Helmet

It is quite like the wiper that we use in cars to wipe the windshield. It is designed mainly for headgears, and we can use it with all types of helmets. There’s a motor provided; we can use it according to our requirement, and a button is also there for turning it ON/OFF.

  1. Lightmode Helmet Kit

If you want to give your old helmet a smart appearance without spending much; then you can use this kit. This kit has the lights which are also in smart headgears and are readily available in various e-commerce websites. 

This Lightmode Helmet Kit is not only for decorative purposes but is crucial for your safety also. It makes you visible on the roadway at night-time so that the others can see you from a distance.

  1. Argon Transform 

Again, if thou want to give a new look, and style to your old helmet, then you can use this complete kit. This kit has a rear-view camera, which you can use by mounting it directly, also there’s a screen and handlebar available which means you can see the live streaming (by the camera) on the screen.

This gadget is a power pack of features like- caller id, music, GPS, and many add-ons. You can connect it by your smartphone. The unique thing about this gadget is that it can communicate via Bluetooth Intercom for up to 100 meter’s range. There are also built-in speakers, and microphones with fully noise cancellation. This gadget is a power pack to make a normal-looking helmet into a smart one.

Credits: The Unique Gadgets (YouTube)


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