Nowadays, people are ditching the wired earphones for wireless earbuds, and the reason behind it is pure and genuine. Several brands are offering them under Rs 5000, so it seems like snapping off the cord for good. 

One must not get swayed by the lower price point and keep certain things in mind before picking a pair of real wireless earbuds. So, here we are discussing 10 smart ideas that you need to consider at the time of purchasing earbuds.

  1. To add the comfort, shape and size of the earbuds is important

Earbuds not fitting in the ears is surely torture, to evade such thing, it is necessary to choose the earbuds that perfectly fit into the ears. It also reduces the risk of accidentally dropping or losing it.

2. Choose the right design as per the usage

There are various types of earbuds, some of them have a feature like a hook design, and some come with ear fins for a better fit, while others follow AirPods design. Let’s check which feature is for what usage.

Earhook Design: Suitable for an active lifestyle.

Earbuds with fins: Good for both casual listening as well as light workouts.

AirPods look-alike: Ideal for casual music listening or taking calls.

  1. Earbuds should be lightweight 
  2. Lightweight earbuds advance better comfort and do not hurt ears during long listening sessions.
  3. Give priority to connectivity options, Bluetooth 5.0 is preferred for better efficiency and range

Before buying earbuds, make sure that the earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 or at least 4.2 as they are low-power modules and offer better connection range.

  1. Earbuds should at least offer a minimum of 3 hours of listening time as per current standards
  2. Pick a pair of earbuds that come with a charging case, which offer at least 12 hours of additional charge
  3. Check if earbuds supports fast charging or wireless charging

Fast charging support is crucial as it ensures that earbuds are spending more time in use than in charging case. Though, wireless charging is more of a requirement than necessity.

  • Check for Codec support as the buds should support all the major Codecs

Before buying, ensure that the earbuds come with support for widely-used audio codecs such as aptX, SBS, etc.

  • Earbuds should offer media and call controls

To take calls or control media playback, having a control button is a must.

  • Low latency reduces audio lag by a significant margin

Low latency reduces the audio delay and lag for better listening and gaming experience.


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