Today, everything is getting smart, including vehicles. There are vehicles on the road that would make Jetsons jealous. It doesn’t mean that they can fly, but they are getting equipped with computer processors, software programs, hard drives, and modems. The functions this hardware/software can do when linked wirelessly by satellite to remote data servers would’ve seemed like science fiction not that long ago. 

Also, we can be thankful for the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which made this possible for us to collect information in fractions of a second. Some cars can foretell the plausibility of damage after a crash; whereas some will notify owners if someone is driving their car when they are not supposed to be. Thanks to the new smartphone apps, vehicles can update Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for you. Apart from this, there is a list of traits that demonstrate some cars are becoming smarter.

  • Assessing Injuries- Some cars have a feature like there is not only does a phone ingrained in the car automatically contact the call center for help after an accident, but it also transfers data from sensors located in the body of the vehicle. The call center takes action accordingly; it is absolutely a lifesaving technique for many.
  • High-tech Tracking- Smartphones impersonate the chief role when it comes to car connectivity. Some automobile companies are using this technology that allows them to track and disable stolen vehicles. The alerts can be sent via text messages, phone, or email. It is also useful for the users to look up destinations on their Android, Blackberry, or iPhone and send them to their car’s navigation system.
  • Maintenance Advising- Now, as the cars are smart, so they can remind the car owners when it’s time for a check-up. This feature gives maintenance reminders, such as for an oil change.
  • Remote Control- You can change some functions of your vehicle remotely, like adjusting the temperature of the car, and command over your music, buddy (Hands-free) calling, etc.
  • Socializing- Some companies made it possible for drivers to update their status on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, while they are down the road.


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