Must have Apps for Kids

Gone are the days when kids used to play in the sand and toys. Kids these days spend most of their time on a smartphone or tablet. As a parent it is really important to monitor and restrict the activities of their kids on smartphones.

At this age, socializing, creativity and learning of the child is very important. It shapes the personality of the child and really affects their overall capabilities. By combining the educational and entertainment spectrum, kids can have fun while learning and really understand things better.

We’ve picked out the best apps for Android and IOS for your kids so that they can be smarter and do something productive on the smartphone.

One of the best apps for kids are the brain trainer apps. They can really sharpen a young brain by solving interesting quizzes and puzzles. In the future, these problem-solving activities can prove to be really fruitful. They’ll have the opportunity to explore drawing, photography, animation, cooking, building with Legos, designing and creating simple machines, slime, sewing, music etc. Examples of such apps are:

·         Galactic Genius with Astro Cat

·         The Earth by Tinybop

·         Busy Water

·         Osmo Words

·         Planets Puzzle – Game for Kids

·         Where’s My Water?

Must have Apps for Kid

Learning apps can prove to be really fruitful for increasing vocabulary, speaking, listening and thinking capability. It is recommended that parents help kids with such games so that they can feel accomplishment after passing a level in the game. Parents should encourage their children to play such games as it has numerous advantages. Examples of such games would be:

·         DragonBox Algebra 5+

·         Barefoot World Atlas

·         Thinkrolls

·         Motion Math

·         Monkey Word School Adventure

Apart from games and puzzles, there are great entertainment app for kids and includes all kinds of kids shows, poems and songs etc. Parents have control over the content their kids watch. Kids can explore the online world with ease and parents don’t have to worry as well.


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