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Who says tech is only a guy thing? With the super busy lifestyle and the advancement of technology, tech gadgets are a must for both men as well as for women. Modern women, especially the ‘working women’ need it more than ever. Unfortunately, women represent less than half of the representation in the technology sector as compared to men. Since the early days of technology, the spotlight hasn’t been shone on the work of women as they played an important role besides some works.

Below are some must-have tech for working women:

·         10000 mAH power bank: All the working women who get up early in the morning and rush to there work can feel the pain of an uncharged phone. This business card-sized power bank helps to charge your phone twice, plus it is easy to carry. It has a warranty of 6 months and comes with its own cable which charges the power bank within 5 hours.

·         Mini projector: It is a portable projector that enables project media files whether it is a presentation for work or a movie to watch with friends.

·         Portable keyboard: it is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard that helps you to write long emails or to finish an important document on the go.

·         Ultrasound neck massager: after a long hectic day, all you want to do is to feel relaxed. This ultrasound neck massager combines electrical stimuli and infrared heat relieves your pain and gives a sensation of relaxing.

·         Mini folding booklight: Those women who prefer reading books or are on a night shift can use this mini folding book light or In case the electricity is gone and you have to submit your work the other day.

·         Digital drawing pad: It comes with a slate to clip the paper and has rings that attach with the pen or the pencil and helps to transfer the drawing directly to your tabs, phones or computers via USB or Bluetooth.

These super cool and amazing gadgets can surely ease up your work.  From healthcare to comfort, this list contains almost all of the gadgets that complete the modern superwomen.


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