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There were days when we used to make pigeon fly to make our special messages reach our loved ones. Well, gone are those days when these things were realistic. The era has transformed and smart phones have entered the epoch. 

Life is more straightforward and manageable with smart phones. Isn’t it? Many people believe in this reality from the beginning. However, some are still in a dilemma. These facts may not overpower your thinking but the truth is that mobile phones have made things more spontaneous and imaginable. Now you don’t need to wait for days and months to deliver your message. Just one click and the messages are seen on the other side. 

But, apart from the remarkable benefits of mobile phones comes the necessary and valuable hacks. One always needs to know some tips and tricks related to their smart phones. The tech world is like a spider web. You can’t tell who will be caught up and when. So, here are some very unique and helpful tips and tricks. These will make your life easier and hacks are anyways useful. 

Double your charging speed

Even after having loads of chargers and power banks we still suffer from the obstacle of low battery. But, guys you just can’t assume on this hack. All you have to do is turn your mobile to the Airplane or Flight Mode. The network access will be disconnected and your mobile charging speed will automatically boost. 

Clean the screen at the comfort of your home

The toothpaste you usually use for brushing your teeth has powers to sweep other devices as well. It is often noticed that our screen gets grimy due to environmental pollution. So, to clean the grime you can simply switch off your phone and clean it with toothpaste. No jokes but these are one the tips and tricks which is all over the internet. 

Simple Mobile Hacks to Make Life Simple

Use a safety pin to unhitch the sim slots

The smart phones have upgraded to next levels and now you just can’t open the battery system. But, to get your slim lots you need to unplug the slots with a pin that comes in with the phone. Well, fellows don’t panic because you can use an alternative which does the identical job. A safety pin can help expose the sim slots and you can carry safety pin with you every time. 

Lights, Camera and Action with Selfie Ring Lights

Ring lights are often used while shooting or clicking pictures. But, who knew that there is something like selfie ring lights. These are very convenient and fit in your phone very easily. Just attach it on your selfie camera and you’re done. The selfie ring life makes your life easier because it helps you shoot, film and click pictures on your smart phone. 

These tips are tricks are very easy and one should consider them. Not only does it save your time but money as well. Make most out of these tips and tricks and flaunt your smart phone like it was never damaged before.  


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