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Thinking of traveling to wanderlust? Mystery brings great joys of travel. It gives us a feeling of excitement and surprise. Blindfold traveling or you may call it as ‘unknown traveling’ is only for those people who would go anywhere at a drop of a plane ticket. They love to explore mysterious places. This type of traveling is full of mystery and excitement because you don’t know when and where you last destination would be.Eeek! Scary but exciting. Traveling gives you a feeling of inner balance. People get so wrapped up in their lives and daily routine work that they don’t have enough time for themselves. It not only changes you physically but also psychologically.

Do you like to explore and see unknown and hidden spots while traveling? Imagine your friends or family surprises you by booking a ticket for you. You don’t know where you are headed. What is your final destination? You sit on the plane and after a few hours when you arrive, you see you have landed on some unknown desert or in the middle of an island. This is so scary!

Some of the most beautiful unknown travel destinations that you would surely love to visit are:

·         Tinago Falls, Philippines: A 500 down steps, is a waterfall located in the city of Iligan and behind the waterfall is a cave you can venture through.

·         The psychedelic salt mine, Russia: this is an abandoned salt mine, 650 feet below the ground with mineral rocks made of funky patterns surrounded by a secret passageway.

·         Marble cave, Chile: Naturally circular designs are carved on the marble stone. You can only access through it on a boat. The blue and green colors are the reflection of water.

·         Las Pozas, Mexico: it is an 80-acre garden full of beautiful sculptures. Mystical stairs, wildlife and massive statues.

Destination unknown travellers

·         Marieta island, Mexico: you will need a permit to explore this beautiful location with incredible sights.

Unknown destination travel is a new trend in our industry. If you are someone who loves visiting new and unique places and have adventures then this trend of traveling might just be for you.


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