It is said that never waste an opportunity be it any area of life. But if you are a travelling freak, this should be your motto for the life. Being at the right place at the right time will give you a lot. Traveling is fun when it is done rightly. Before travelling, you have to plan and properly research about your destination. If this goes wrong, the whole trip will be wasted. So what does that that mean?

Be orderly and be punctual. Travelling is something that has no room for unorderly stuff. The importance of time more than anything. Without it, you can suffer huge loses and for the best experience, right time is necessary. That is why time is the most important form of money.

Let me give you an example of this. Let’s suppose you have to travel to north for a trip, be it Norway to see the Northern lights. The place is decided and it might be the perfect at first. But as we all know, northern lights come on display for a specific time and your presence there at that time is must. Being a minute late can make your day go wasted. The place that seemed right at first will not be right anymore because the time is not right. So time and places go together. Good timing makes the place perfect and ideal for your goal.

Right Place- Right Time

So in order to enjoy travelling to the fullest, see the opportunity and grab it. It can be anything, from free tickets to the concert to watching a movie because you just won tickets from a lucky draw in a mall. It is all about the timing to make something great. Seize every chance, trust your instinct and you will be unstoppable. With all this I can conclude that travelling demands this all. The immense wave of happiness is followed right after this. New roads will open and you will be closer to your destination, just by following the right time. Respect the clock and it will respect you


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